How to prevent problems with rubber joints in high pressure engineering projects


The rubber expansion joints of Henan Shunying New Energy Co., Ltd. are used in the construction of pumping stations

How to prevent problems with rubber joints in high pressure engineering projects. The use of flexible rubber joint products in high pressure pipeline engineering projects, because of the hazards of high pressure inside the pipeline, will lead to various hidden dangers such as end surface fall off of the rubber joint and water leakage of the sealing surface, which will cause certain damage to the application of the project.

Henan Shunying New Energy Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer of a variety of special pipeline rubber joint products for high pressure pipeline systems, and has many years of technical and professional manufacturing experience in the high pressure rubber joint products industry.

The following introduces the improvement of the technical and professional characteristics of our company in the manufacture of high-pressure flexible connector. For the high-pressure rubber bellows, Henan Shunying Professional chose the improved steel-plastic ring as the end-face improving body, which can reasonably improve the compressive strength. Secondly, Henan Shunying also applies to the sealing surface.

In case of water seepage, etc., according to the improvement of the material of the end face of the rubber expansion joints, the sealing performance of the end face of the rubber joint is reasonably improved, which further guarantees the reliable use and application in the high pressure pipeline system.

Rubber joints are used in noise reduction, noise reduction and vibration reduction, but the flanges used as connecting equipment are really different.

The middle flange is a flange with a diameter. The key is to stabilize the fabric rubber joint. The flange diameter is the slope can make good contact with the rubber joint.

In order to protect the rubber sphere from the completion of the surface, the expansion and contraction will not be damaged by the flange edge, which is beneficial to increase the service life, especially in the use of large-diameter pipes.

Rubber joints usually have air-blown film and mechanical film. Mechanical film is the previous method. His inner wall is spliced together one by one. It is well recognized and most of the quality is qualified.

With the rapid development of scientific and technological progress and the rapid rise of the pipeline industry, people have their own products, and they can also import some from other countries. In the case of selection, you must choose the right product according to your requirements.

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