Henan Shunying supplied rubber joints to Electromechanical Device Installation Co.,Ltd Of CTCE GROUP


On July 8 2020, the construction and production professional meeting and on-site observation exchange meeting for the second quarter of 2020 of the Mechanical and Electrical Company was held in Xiamen.

The length of Xiamen Rail Transit Line 3 project is 36.73 kilometers, including 29.15 kilometers of underground lines, 6.92 kilometers of elevated sections, 0.65 kilometers of open transition sections, and approximately 5.2 kilometers of cross-sea sections. There are 27 stations in total.

The Project Department of Xiamen Metro Line 3 of the Electromechanical Company is mainly responsible for the water supply and drainage and fire protection systems, ventilation and air conditioning systems, power lighting, interval lighting systems, public area decoration projects, equipment area decoration projects, and gas fire extinguishing for 6 stations and adjacent half-zones. Equipment supply, installation, commissioning and other related work for systems and station auxiliary building decoration projects.

The rubber joints provided by Henan Shunying New Energy Co.,Ltd. to the relevant pipeline system of the project can reduce vibration and noise, and can compensate for thermal expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes, thereby effectively improving the stability of pipeline operation. Due to the good comprehensive performance of rubber joints, it is widely used in basic projects such as chemical industry, construction, water supply, drainage, petroleum, light and heavy industry, refrigeration, sanitation, plumbing, fire protection, and electric power.

According to different materials, it can be made into various varieties such as acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, oil resistance, high temperature resistance, radiation resistance, abrasion resistance, and aging resistance, and can be adapted to various media and environments.

The rubber joint products produced by Henan Shunying have excellent comprehensive performance, good quality and excellent price. Welcome to buy and consult

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