Henan Shunying supplies rubber joint products for the Saudi oil pipeline project


In the 180-kilometer Saudi Baha'a oil pipeline project, the project leader took active measures to use the pipe flexible joints according to the length of the pipeline construction and the changes in the construction environment. In order to ensure the smooth construction of the pipeline, and to make long-term plans for the maintenance and replacement of the pipeline. Henan Shunying stands out from many suppliers with high-quality products and excellent service, and establishes long-term cooperation.

Henan Shunying's technical personnel and experts have developed a perfect product system according to the needs of customers. They recommend CR rubber joints.

The expansion joint of chloroprene rubber is made of chloroprene rubber CR/polychlorobutadiene. It provides seamless wear-resistant lining, PA textile thread reinforcement and CR coverage. CR/neoprene expansion joint is made of the best multifunctional rubber. Temperature change, ozone and bad weather conditions. The chloroprene rubber expansion joint provided has good mechanical and wear properties.

Features of CR rubber expansion joints:

Advantages: anti-oxygen, anti-ozone, non-flammable, self-extinguishing after ignition, oil resistance, solvent resistance, acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance and good air tightness

Applicable media: sea water, waste water (weak acid or alkali) or oil, cooling water containing oily additives, lubricating oil, grease and air, compressed air

CR flexible rubber joints Applications:

1) chloroprene rubber expansion joints for water and warm water pressure piping systems for building equipment and general industrial buildings, etc.

2) chloroprene rubber flexible connectors for pumping pipes and turbine pipes in power plants, industrial machinery, general purpose pumps and blowers, etc.

3) Water supply and drainage pipelines for water supply, sewage treatment, sanitary pipeline system, etc.

4) Oil pipes in industrial buildings, shipyards, etc.

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