Why choose rubber pump connector in pipeline?


In large Refrigerating machinery factory  in Brazil, Refrigerating machine filter device is a side filter device for closed industrial circulating water, which can filter circulating chilled water and generate vibration and noise when the refrigerating machinery is working. It requires an expansion joint (as pictures show) to relieve pressure on the pipe during expansion and prevent cracking. Without such an expansion joint, the pipe could rupture, causing big problems and stalling the project. To solve this problem, elastomer expansion joints act as a way for the pipeline to absorb the linear motion caused by the expansion of the pipe.

Why choose rubber pump connector?

Rubber-type expansion joints are the most durable because they can adapt to a wide variety of conditions. The flexible pump connector can withstand axial compression, lateral and angular movement and axial expansion. In certain situations, expansion joints types of movements occur simultaneously, which is only possible with certain types of rubbersexpansionjoints .

Piping expansion joint is a kind of pipeline joint with high elasticity, high air tightness, medium resistance and climate resistance. Pipe expansion joints  absorb vibration, reduce noise, high pressure resistance, good elasticity, large displacement, balance pipe deviation, easy installation.

Easy to maintain: It is important to maintain the product continuously to ensure the reliability of the joint. Removable rubber joints help make the project process easier and faster, and maintain the life of the pipe.

The life of the pipe rubber joint  depends on:

1. The initial installation method of the cover

2. Design of the joint

3. Hardware maintenance and inspection

4. Storage conditions

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