Shanghai International Hotel Pump Equipment Room Vibration and Noise Reduction Project


In the construction of the hotel pump equipment room, the vibration and noise pollution that may be caused by the pump equipment room should be evaluated and taken into consideration when selecting the equipment room. Whether the pump equipment room needs to do the vibration and noise reduction facilities to meet the urban regional environment National standards and specifications such as noise and vibration.

Pipe vibration isolation components should be used on the suction pipe and the outlet pipe of the pump. The pipe vibration isolation component has the dual functions of vibration isolation and displacement compensation.

Pipe vibration isolation components should be selected according to vibration isolation requirements, displacement compensation requirements, environmental conditions, etc. Generally, flexible pipe fittings made of rubber as raw materials, such as flanged or threaded flexible rubber joints, can be flexed. Rubber elbows, etc. As shown, the flanged rubber joint is used in the pump area.

The flexible rubber pipe fittings should be installed in a natural state that is not subjected to force, and it is strictly prohibited to be in a limit deviation state.

Pipes connected to flexible rubber pipe fittings shall be secured to brackets, hangers, brackets or anchors.

Flexible rubber pipe fittings should avoid contact with acids, alkalis, oils and organic solvents.

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