SAE flange rubber joint send to Netherlands


Warm congratulations to Henan Shunying for completing the order of rubber joints for SAE flanges from Netherlands customer.

SAE flange connection rubber joint | NG rubber shock throat Features:

SAE flange rubber joint has the advantages of high pressure resistance, good elasticity, large displacement, balanced pipeline deviation, vibration absorption, good noise reduction effect, convenient installation, and can also greatly reduce the vibration and noise of the pipeline system, and can fundamentally solve the interface displacement of various pipelines. , axial expansion and misalignment and other issues. The rubber raw material is polar rubber, with good sealing performance, light weight, convenient installation and maintenance, and long service life, but avoid contact with sharp metal instruments to avoid puncturing the sphere

SAE flange connection rubber joint | NG rubber shock throat installation instructions:

1. It is strictly forbidden to install beyond the displacement limit during installation.

2. When the NG oil-resistant rubber shock absorber is installed on the ground, suspended or vertically, the actual working axial displacement pressure of the NG oil-resistant rubber shock absorber is less than the supporting force of the pipeline. Otherwise, an anti-pull device should be installed to prevent it from being compressed and pulled during work. take off.

3. The pipeline must have fixed support or fixed bracket, and the force of the fixed bracket must be greater than the axial force. For vertical installation and overhead installation, corresponding fixing brackets and force-bearing brackets should be installed at both ends of the product to prevent the work from being pulled off after being under pressure.

4. The installation bolts should be tightened symmetrically and gradually to prevent local leakage.

5. The installation should be kept away from heat sources, and the use of media that does not meet the requirements of this product is strictly prohibited.