DN100 with ANSI 600# Duplex 2205 stainless steel flange metal bellows Send to UAE


Warm congratulations to Henan Shunying for successfully completing the UAE government for Fire Fighting water mist system inside tunnel.

DN100 with ANSI 600# Duplex 2205 stainless steel flange metal bellows. From inquiry to design to finish. Go through many discussions over and over again.

Customers want working pressure up to 80bar and test pressure up to 120bar. The compensation amount reaches ±25mm, which is really difficult for DN100. After many times of communication with the engineer on the customer's on-site situation. The final decision was made to order the product.

DN100 high pressure bellows expansion joint

Due to the problem of the customer's use of media, DUPLEX 2205 flanges and nozzles were finally used. If the pressure is too high, we need to install a protect ring in the middle of the bellows, but the diameter is small and the pressure is high, so the SS316 integral protect ring must be used, and all details are carefully processed by a lathe and milling machine. The integral protection ring is integrally formed when making the bellows. In order to ensure the safety of the pressure, we use double welding inside and outside, and the bellows also adopts internal welding during the welding process. The flange and bellows are also welded twice, which is stronger and safer. The inner port is also smoothed during the production process, so that the customer can achieve a non-blocking effect during use.

After all the details are perfectly completed, a hydraulic test is carried out to ensure that there is no problem with the quality of the product before leaving the factory.