Double sphere rubber joint send to Hongkong Water Authority Department


Warmly, our company has successfully completed the order for the double ball rubber joint of the Hong Kong Water Authority Department. The main diameter of this order is DN50-DN300, PN25 and DN50-DN300, PN16 double ball rubber joints.

doulbe sphere rubbe joint

The double ball rubber joint perfectly makes up for the problem that the single ball rubber joint cannot be installed due to its length. The applicable medium is air, compressed air, water, seawater, hot water, oil, acid, alkali and other chemicals. The flange suitable for the double-sphere rubber joint is a forged flange. The sphere adopts an internal seamless process, which can more effectively resist the oxidation of the inner wall of the rubber by the oxidizing medium in the pipeline with low temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and oil resistance, which increases the application. life.

DN50-DN300 PN25 double sphere rubber joint

Due to the good comprehensive properties of rubber, the double ball rubber joint is mainly used for the lifting and transportation of raw water and sewage, the water supply and cooling circulating water of thermal power plants, the metallurgical industry, the condensed water, the pipeline transportation of chemical substances in the chemical industry, and the petrochemical industry. Cooling, dilution and flexible connection between long and short distance pipelines in other industries, wear-resistant rubber has higher wear resistance, and is also suitable for low-temperature transportation of granular and powdery and gas in all industries.