Rubber Expansion joint with tie rod

The limit rubber expansion joint device is an ideal substitute for the steel force transmission joint. Rubber expansion joint with tie rod is used in a reasonable combination, and also plays a role of limiting the displacement, using the limit device and transmitting force. Rubber joints can be used to limit the amount of displacement when used in general piping connections or in pipeline lines where displacement is required.


High pressure resistance, good elasticity, large displacement, long life, good water tightness and good shock absorption effect.

  • Dimension: DN32mm-DN3000mm
  • Product pressure: 0.6-2.5 MPa
  • Product Material: NR, EPDM, NBR, KFM, PTFE, CR
  • Scope of application: acid, alkali, corrosion, oil, hot water, cold water, compressed air, compressed natural gas, etc.
  • Flange material: carbon steel, stainless steel

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