Metal bellows expansion joints

Metal bellows expansion joints are also called metal bellows, metal expansion joints, or bellows Pump Connectors. It consists of bellows (a kind of elastic element) and the end pipes, brackets, flanges, pipes and other accessories that form the main body of its work. The metal expansion joint belongs to a compensation element.The metal expansion joint is mainly used to compensate for axial displacement and has the ability to compensate for angular displacement, but it is generally not used to compensate for angular displacement. Metal expansion bellows are compensating elements for thermal expansion and relative motion in pipes, vessels and machines. Absorption of axial, lateral, and angular displacement.


light weight, simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance, large compensation

  • Nominal diameter: DN32mm-DN1000mm
  • Working pressure: 0.6-2.5Mpa
  • Working temperature: -15℃ to 300℃
  • Connection method: flange type
  • Applicable medium: water, steam, air, weak acid and alkali, oil, etc.

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