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Henan Shunying send to indonesia for weld type SS304 metal bellows epansion joint .

weld type SS304 metal bellows epansion joint

Metal expansion joints use bellows to transport high-temperature and high-pressure materials in pipes and air ducts. Since most industries today deal with pipelines that transport high-temperature and high-pressure materials, thermal expansion is common. This effect will cause mechanical deformation and vibration, which will eventually lead to cracks, leaks and even failures in the entire system. In order to avoid this, expansion joints are used. They adapt to these changes by acting as bridges and expanding and contracting according to conditions. According to the type of expansion joint used, it includes axial, lateral, angular and general movement.
Metal bellows expansion joints, also called compensators, are produced by first manufacturing the bellows and then connecting the necessary gaskets, control rods, end fittings and other components to it. According to the requirements of the target location and function, they are designed into various shapes and sizes. Metal expansion joints are used in petrochemical industry, petroleum and natural gas industry, automobile industry, nuclear power plant, etc.
Because these are vital to the operation of the industry, metal expansion joints must be durable, strong and flexible. Therefore, it must be manufactured carefully in accordance with established standards. In Henan Shunying, we manufacture bellows joints in strict accordance with ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) and EJMA (Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association) standards. We also test the products under various working conditions to ensure that the products are in the best condition and have an excellent life cycle.

Types of metal expansion joints
There are several different types of expansion joints according to different parameters, such as the direction of movement, the position where the joint is placed, and the function of the joint. These are as follows
Axial expansion joint
These are expansion joints used to control axial or longitudinal movement. When used between two pipe sections, due to thermal expansion, the joint will compress and expand along the length as needed to protect the pipeline.
Lateral expansion joint
This type of metal expansion joint is used to compensate for all movements in the lateral(perpendicular to the central axis) direction. With the help of connected control rods, the transverse expansion joint also controls the pressure thrust.
Hinge expansion joint
Hinged expansion joints are used in situations where it is necessary to limit the angular deflection in a single plane controlled by the hinge. They are used in piping systems where the direction of flow changes.
Universal expansion joint
Universal expansion joint, sometimes called double bellows expansion joint, is a device composed of two bellows connected by pipe sections. Therefore, this can absorb movement that cannot be absorbed by ordinary axial expansion joints, and can also include axial, lateral and angular deflection.
Gimbal expansion joint
Gimabal expansion joints or angular expansion joints are used to absorb movement in multiple angular directions. With the help of multiple hinges or universal joints, these can limit the deflection of all planes.
Pump connector expansion joint
As the name suggests, these expansion joints are used to connect pumps that need to protect key components of the system from vibration and fluid pulsation, and to suppress noise. These are usually made of steel.
Exhaust bellows expansion joint
This type of connector is used in the exhaust system of the engine. Generally, the exhaust pipe is placed close to the engine, so it is affected by the high pressure and vibration from the engine and the high-temperature exhaust gas flowing through the exhaust pipe. The exhaust bellows expansion joint helps control the resulting thermal expansion and mechanical deformation, while suppressing vibration. These are also airtight to ensure that there are no gas leaks.
Rectangular bellows expansion joint
They are used in pipelines in petrochemical, nuclear power plants, steel industries, etc. to absorb lateral and axial movement in the pipeline. Therefore, these shapes are rectangular, and various sizes and numbers of convolutions can be provided according to customer requirements.