DN250*DN300 Stainless steel bellows expansion joint send to Vietnam


Our Vietnam client's make order for DN250*DN300 bellows expansion joint which one side is fixed flange, one side is loose flange.

Metal expansion joints, long-term use in the environment of transporting high-pressure and high-temperature gas and liquid, will cause the pipeline to crack, leak, deform, and ultimately cause the pipeline to fail. In addition, the axial, lateral, angular and universal stresses caused by the weight of the pipeline and components, the temperature of the working environment, and the stress caused by constraints will also affect the performance and life of the pipeline. In order to prevent this from happening, a bellows is used in the system, so it is called a bellows expansion joint.

The bellows expansion joint is composed of bellows, end fittings, control rods, gaskets and other components to form a complete unit that can withstand the force generated by the fluid to ensure uninterrupted and safe flow. The bellows can be made of metal or rubber as required. The metal bellows is made by rolling a thin plate into a cylindrical shape and then welding the seams. Add layers according to the required specifications. After that, perform a circular rotation on the body. These shapes are designed to contain internally generated pressure and deform accordingly. When the pipeline is subjected to high pressure, the bellows will compress, and when there is a vacuum, the bellows will expand accordingly, thereby protecting the entire device.

The use of bellows expansion joint
metallic expansion bellows have been used in many industries, from water/wastewater plants to nuclear applications. Some other applications of bellows are in-

· Power Plant

· infrastructure


· Solar Technology

· Electrical System

· Low temperature/industrial gas applications

· Metal/Steel Plant

· control system

· Fuel cell power system

· Pulp and paper industry

· Oil and Gas

· OEM engine

· Shipbuilding and repair

· Cars etc.