Function Of Metal Expansion Joint


Metal expansion joints are a synergistic in-line connector formed in many liquid and high pressure gas piping systems for a variety of reasons. When constructing most pipes, it is often the case that the two pipe sections do not completely match. The expansion joints allow for shearing, inaccurate gaps or slight curves at the joint, in other words allowing lateral, axial and angular movement at the joint. Any significant distortion at the expansion joint will cause the bellows to fail, and even slight distortion at the metal expansion joint will cause the bellows to fail.

Because metal expansion connections are typically deployed in highly critical applications, a rigorous quality assurance (QA) test is typically required for each individual unit prior to deployment. The production unit can perform radiographic, ultrasonic, mass spectrometry, magnetic, hydrostatic, helium leak and liquid permeation tests on the completed unit to ensure that the unit does not contain any adverse anomalies or microscopic leaks. It is also possible to test the hardness, impact resistance, pressure limit and positive components of the finished product.

Metal bellows and metal expansion joint assemblies are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology to meet precise requirements and must be rigorously tested before being used in very extreme and critical applications. Skilled traders who build these systems require years of experience and require savvy skills and years of experience and certification. This is an area of continuous development of science, ensuring that only the most advanced manufacturers remain competitive in the high-tech industries they serve.

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