Food Grade Rubber Expansion Joint


The main body of the special silicone rubber joint product for food production enterprises is made of nylon cord as a reinforcing material and vulcanized under heating and pressing conditions. Food grade rubber joints are used in pipeline installation environments such as cold water, hot water, compressed air, etc. It solves the pipeline bursting and damage pipeline connection equipment due to thermal expansion and contraction with unique design, novel structure and good sealing performance. Improve the life cycle of the pipeline and the protection of the equipment. It is also suitable for special use environments with high hygiene requirements.

Food grade rubber soft joint, also called rubber soft joint, the rubber soft joint material produced by our company is made of food grade white silica gel, plus food grade cord, made by special technology, the product is white and non-toxic. It is odorless and can withstand pressure up to 25 kg. It is an ideal product for pipeline connection of food enterprises. It can also be made according to customer requirements.

Product advantages

The rubber expansion joint made of special silicone rubber material for food production enterprise has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, dielectric property, ozone resistance and weather resistance. The outstanding performance of silicone rubber is wide temperature and can be used at -60 Long-term use at °C (or lower temperature) to +250 ° C (or higher temperature). It perfectly balances mechanical and chemical properties to meet the demanding applications of many food manufacturers today.


Silicone rubber characteristics and special synthetic elastomers produced by vulcanization of silicone rubber under heat and pressure. It perfectly balances mechanical and chemical properties to meet today's demanding applications. Silicone rubber excels in the following areas: high temperature stability, inertness (odorless and odorless), transparent, easy to color hardness range, in addition to the above excellent properties, it is particularly easy to manufacture compared with conventional organic elastomers. . Silicone rubber is easy to flow, so it can be molded, calendered and extruded with low energy consumption. Easy to process means high productivity.