Pump outlets use special rubber joints to effectively mitigate their impact


The rubber joint is composed of inner and outer rubber, ply and traveler, and is composed of tubular rubber parts. After high temperature and high pressure vulcanization molding, it is combined with metal flange or parallel joint loose sleeve. This product utilizes the advantages of high elasticity, high gas permeability, medium resistance, weather resistance and radiation resistance of rubber, which can reduce the vibration and noise of the pipeline, and can compensate for the thermal expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes. The rubber joint relieves the impact of the pump outlet.

1. The rubber joint can be used before and after the pump valve. The first function is shock absorption, the second is the need for heat expansion and contraction, and the third is convenient for disassembly and assembly of valves and maintenance needs;

2. The check valve is only required to be on the water pipe behind the water pump. Its function is to protect the water pump. Usually installed behind the gate valve.

3, the actual installation sequence should be: rubber soft joints, check valves, gate valves. The pressure gauge is best installed on the water outlet of the pump, but it must be in front of the check valve.

4, the rubber joint is to reduce vibration. Of course, the connection between the pump and the piping system.

5. During normal operation, the gate valve is not operated, and the check valve is frequently operated, so the maintenance probability is large. When the pump is closed, the pump outlet valve can be repaired without affecting the normal operation of the system.

6. The pressure gauge is installed in front of the check valve to prevent the impact of the water hammer on the pressure gauge.

7. Some people have proposed large-diameter pipes. It is unrealistic to install the check valves after the gate valves to open and close. Since the check valve exists when the pump is stopped, the water pressure before and after the gate valve installed after the check valve is uniform, and there is no problem in opening and closing the gate valve. Of course, large-diameter valves are inherently more difficult to operate. The rubber joint can be used to relieve the impact of the pump valve switch when installed at the pump outlet.