Advantage of rubber expansion joint with tie rod


Rubber joints are rubber products used for flexible connection between metal pipes. It consists of inner and outer layers of rubber, ply and traveller, which form a tubular rubber piece. After vulcanization, it is combined with a metal flange or a parallel joint loose sleeve. It can not only reduce vibration and noise, but also compensate for thermal expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes, and is widely used in various pipeline systems.

The rubber joint limit device is a kind of equipment to maintain the rubber joint and prevent the danger of pulling. It controls the displacement of the rubber joint within a certain range, thereby ensuring the stable operation of the rubber joint and the pipeline. The anti-off limit device is an additional limit device on the basis of the original product function, so that the pipeline can be flexible within the allowable elastic range. Once it exceeds its greater flexibility, it will be restricted to ensure the safe operation of the pipeline, especially for pipeline connections with oscillations or certain inclination and turns. Limiting device requirements: When it is assumed that the pipe diameter is greater than DN200, a limiting device must be installed. This is because the larger the pipe diameter, the more elastic the sphere is.

By installing this equipment, the performance of large-diameter rubber joints can be improved. For the rubber joints of aviation equipment, the same assumption is that for large-caliber pipes, a limit device needs to be installed, because the suspended rubber joint cannot be removed through the bridge pier. As long as the limit device is added, the operation of the rubber joint can be promoted without obstacles. . Finally, the rubber joint is installed at the bend of the pipe. There is also a need to restrict equipment. This is because under the influence of inertia, the pipe will have a strong impact on the elbow, and it will also have a strong impact on the product. After the supporting pier and bracket are installed, the product itself is equipped with limited equipment to ensure the safe operation of the elbow.

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