The role of the negative pressure ring in the rubber joint


Adding a negative pressure ring inside the rubber joint can greatly improve the performance of the rubber expansion joint. Negative pressure rubber joints are often used for cold water, hot water, compressed air, natural gas and other media. It has a unique design, novel structure and good sealing performance to solve pipeline bursts caused by thermal expansion and contraction and damage to pipeline connection equipment. Effective It improves the service life of the pipeline and protects the equipment.

Negative pressure comes from the inside of the pipe. Due to various reasons, the internal air is sharply reduced to form a state of suction. The pipe can naturally withstand it. At this time, it depends on whether the rubber joint can completely resist it. If it cannot resist the negative pressure, the rubber joint will be damaged. Since the negative pressure ring is as large as the interior, the negative pressure ring is generally installed before the rubber joint is assembled. Negative pressure rubber joints are manufactured by Henan Shunying New Energy Co., Ltd. using a new process of air-blowing molds. They are composed of a ball composed of an inner rubber layer, a reinforcing layer, a middle rubber layer, and an outer rubber layer, and a loose-forged low-carbon steel flange. The product has the characteristics of high pressure resistance, good elasticity, large displacement, good vibration and noise reduction effects, and easy installation. It can be widely used in plumbing systems such as water supply and drainage, firefighting, compressors, paper making, pharmaceuticals, ships, pumps, and fans.

Installing a negative pressure ring is an indispensable task for a rubber joint, because the positive pressure of the rubber joint can reach a high level, but the negative pressure will be reversed. For the installation of the negative pressure ring, the rubber joint is practical.

It is well known that the operation of the pipeline will generate pressure on the rubber joint. Normally, it is the positive pressure as we know it. Today we mainly talk about the negative pressure of the rubber joint. If the pipeline is operated under negative pressure, we need to be inside the sphere to join the negative pressure ring!

Negative pressure-resistant rubber flexible joints have good abrasion resistance while resisting negative pressure. The internal use of stainless steel backflow device to ensure the practicality of use. The use of similar to the stainless steel bellows structure of the flow guide device to ensure the use of the rubber flexible joint does not flatten. And the rubber part does not directly contact the powder or mud medium, so the service life of the rubber flexible joint is greatly extended.