Reducing rubber joints must be selected for high safety and long service life


Reducing rubber joints are necessary pipe fittings for pump inlet and outlet connections. The sphere itself is made of full rubber material, and its performance is divided into temperature and pressure resistance and acid and alkali resistance. According to different needs, different types of rubber are selected. The continuous development of the building material industry has driven the market for reducer rubber joints. The use of reducer rubber joints has increased year by year. This has laid the foundation for the pursuit of quality for reducer rubber joints. The special use environment of reducer rubber joints must require relatively high safety, so strict control on rubber selection and production process.

Performance advantages of reducing rubber joints:

1. Reducing rubber joints have excellent weather resistance and ozone resistance. For example, long-term exposure of different-diameter rubber joints to outdoor environments or long-term use in harsh environments will cause certain damage to the different-diameter rubber joints (aging phenomenon). Reducing rubber joints of special materials produced by Henan Shunying can not only be used in harsh environments, but also have certain weather resistance, aging resistance and ozone resistance.

2. Reducing rubber joints have excellent mechanical properties: Reducing rubber joints have excellent physical and mechanical properties. The reducer rubber joint produced by Henan Shunying won't cause much damage after long-term use. If the reducer rubber joint you use is maintained, its service life will be longer and the mechanical performance will be better. .

3. Application range of reducer rubber joints: Because reducer rubber joints have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, oil resistance, high vacuum resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and resistance to various chemicals, they have been used in automobiles, shipbuilding, chemicals, petroleum, telecommunications, Instruments, machinery and other industrial fields.

4. Reduced rubber joints have the advantages of reducing vibration, reducing noise, and easy to use. For example, it can produce huge vibration and noise when the pipeline is working. Using the reducing rubber joints we produce can reduce vibration and reduce noise. And it is very convenient to use, just need to connect with the pipeline.