Why do client choose us


It is a story about why do client who have been disappointed with other suppliers for many times but choose us at last.

1.What Henan Shunying New Energy Co.,Ltd. promise things of our client will be done.

2.Henan Shunying New Energy Co.,Ltd. do not attract client with low prices, we only give client the most suitable products.

3.Henan Shunying New Energy Co.,Ltd. don't do anything to damage the company's reputation. We provide best quality products to clients.

4.Henan Shunying New Energy Co.,Ltd. looking for long-term strategic partners, not just a one-time deal.

Follow me , you can know more detail things about this story.

1.The client didn't believe that we could make a product exactly the same as his sample. The client got 2 samples from other suppliers, but they didn't match, and the client also lost his own interest. so he hesitated.

2.Our workers and technicians use professional services to gradually convince client that we have the ability and strength to fulfill client needs.

3.The client chose to trust us and send us samples for us to produce.

4.After we received the sample, we confirmed more details with the client .

5.The client is very satisfied with our service, and believes that we can make the same .product as the sample, after confirming the order, pay it.  By the way ,client get free sample from other suppliers ,but the client is willing to purchase samples with 30% deposit of the bulk order, which also reflects the client's trust in us.

6.Our staff completed the production quickly, and sent the pictures and videos of the products to the client before delivery. The client are very satisfied with the efficiency of our work.

7.The client is satisfied with our products and services after receiving the goods, and proposes to cooperate with us for a long time.