How to give the best project solution within the budget range given by the client?Dismantling joint


Some pipeline contracting companies, in order to protect their own interests when they have limited funds for their customers, do not hesitate to purchase products with low quality, short product life, and low prices. They have just completed the project on the surface, but in the long run, because of the quality of the reason is that after the project is used for several years, the equipment will be old and damaged, which will lead to the leakage of the medium in the pipeline and cause personnel injuries. As a result, the entire project will collapse and be paralyzed, and the subsequent maintenance will also be complicated and troublesome.

Some pipeline contracting companies have a strong sense of social responsibility, and they will do their best to complete the customer's requirements, purchasing products of high quality, high price and long product life. However, to complete the entire project in the client's limited capital investment, resulting in their own interests being compressed to a minimum, or even a loss, this situation is also the last thing many companies want to encounter.

Now, there is a problem. When the client's investment funds are limited, how do you get the best profit for yourself while ensuring the integrity of the entire project and the quality of the project?

The answer is: find a product manufacturer and guarantee that the company can produce high-quality products that meet customer requirements.

Share a story about UAE customers who have found suppliers in different countries with limited funds, and have not found the 5inches dismantling joint they want. And the price is beyond their budget .When they are desperate, they are finally willing to take a risk and choose a satisfactory one among many Chinese suppliers. (Henan Shunying New Energy Co., Ltd.)  Manufacturer and completed purchase, production, shipment, product installation. And received praise from the end customers 。

Customers are responsible for their end customers, and even communicate with our staff at 4am in their country, Henan Shunying New Energy Co., Ltd. is also responsible, giving customers the fastest dismantling joints delivery time, even sacrificing Holidays for staff: within a week. (Other suppliers need at least 3 weeks) Customers are surprised and can't believe this speed.

In the end, after the customers received the 5 Ines dismantling joint, they quickly put it into use in the project, and they were recognized by the end customer. We also received the customer's recognition of us, and also guaranteed the customer's interests and mutual benefit.