Why do bellows expansion joints use in large sewage treatment factory?


An expansion joint refers to a metal bellows expansion joint for absorbing axial, lateral, and angular movements in a piping system. They are designed to relieve pipe stress, compensate for motion, reduce noise, and isolate vibration.

Each application has its own unique attributes and challenges, so each application requires a customized solution. When you specify the type of expansion joint you need, you need an experienced manufacturer. Experienced engineers have many years of experience in this area and will be happy to help you design an expansion joint to meet your requirements.

Each metal bellows is designed from scratch, including inner diameter, outer diameter, length, material, thickness and other requirements. Bellows design also has specifications for work pressure, life cycle, etc., which are all dependent on the condition and needs of the final assembly.

These considerations, as well as some very specific mathematical formulas, are part of ensuring that the expansion joint meets the standards set by the Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association. Henan Shunying New Energy Co.,Ltd. was created to ensure that the expansion joints can work according to the listed specifications. This is for everyone's productivity and safety.

Bellows have provided expansion joint solutions for industries and technologies such as aerospace height sensors, mechanical coolant pipes, petrochemical processing, high and low pressure steam applications, nuclear power industry, medical technology, food ingredient management, industrial engines and pump systems.

As shown in the figure, bellows expansion joints are used in the connection of water pipelines of large sewage treatment plants. These metal bellows can handle temperature changes by their own characteristics. In addition to normal production pressure, we must also consider the noise and vibration that occurs during the delivery process.

When designing expansion joints, it is wise to choose an experienced manufacturer. An error in manufacturing or engineering specifications can cause the entire process to crash when you don't want it to crash. Infrastructure is a very important part of any company and cannot be taken lightly.

Expansion joint system Only experienced engineers with many years of experience can design expansion joints that meet your specifications. Henan Shunying New Energy Co., Ltd. has its own design team. They have many years of design experience and can take different measures to deal with different problems.

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