Axial bellows expansion joint send to Indonesia

Axial bellows expansion joint

As of December 15, 2021, 80pcs of axial bellows expansion joint for Indonesian customers have been completed and shipped to Indonesia. The caliber required by the customer is DN150-DN300, and the pressure is PN40. In order to ensure the safety of the product, a design plan has been made for the customer, which has been highly praised by the customer.

The axial expansion joint is a metal bellows expansion joint, which mainly consumes axial movement along the straight pipe section. The length of the stainless steel bellows expansion joint in the neutral position is called the free length. The maximum working life is achieved by using the axial displacement of the two areas as extension and compression.

The axial expansion joint is usually equipped with a guide tube inside the metal bellows. This reduces the flow resistance and prevents damage caused by direct contact with the flowing medium. Considering the axial direction, the thermal expansion of the straight section connecting the two fixed points is absorbed by the axial expansion joint. The length of the two arrangement points determines the length of the pipeline that is expected to be compensated, and thus determines the axial movement that the flexible expansion joint must achieve.

The materials used to design these bellows are SS304L, SS316L, SS316Ti and SS321, Inconel and nickel-based alloys.


· Industrial piping system.

· Minimize force transmission to sensitive components in the system.