What is the function of fire-fighting metal bellows?


When installing fire-fighting pipes, it is often necessary to use fire-fighting metal bellows, so what is the function of fire-fighting metal bellows? Let’s learn more about it with me below.

1. What is the function of fire-fighting metal bellows?

It is used to compensate the displacement of the pipeline to ensure that the installed pipelines can operate normally. When installing, the fire-fighting metal bellows needs to be used in combination with rubber soft joints, which can not only play a shock absorption role, but also play a protective role. When purchasing fire-fighting metal bellows, you must choose products produced by well-known brands, so that the quality of the products will be guaranteed.

Second, the use of fire metal bellows need to pay attention to what aspects

1. Pressure

According to the actual working pressure of the metal bellows, and then check the nominal diameter and pressure gauge of the bellows in detail, so as to judge whether it is necessary to use a stainless steel mesh sleeve.

2. Size

Measure the nominal diameter of the metal bellows in detail, and then select the appropriate joint method and size according to the nominal diameter, and at the same time arrange the length of the metal bellows reasonably.

3. Status

According to the actual use state of the metal bellows, according to the correct use method and installation steps specified by the manufacturer, the minimum bending times of the metal bellows, and the most suitable length for settlement compensation, the actual length of the metal bellows should be reasonably arranged, and the correct steps should be followed. to install.

4. Temperature

At high temperature, according to the working pressure and temperature of the metal bellows at high temperature, the number of systems is corrected, and the temperature-corrected pressure is determined to determine the correct pressure level.

5. Medium

The medium conveyed in the metal bellows generally has different chemical properties. For this reason, we should determine the material of each component of the hose according to the corrosion resistance parameter table of the metal bellows material.