What are the lubrication methods for rubber joints?


Rubber joints are also called rubber pipe soft joints, flexible rubber joints, rubber soft joints, rubber expansion joint, high pressure rubber joints, rubber shock absorbers, compensators, etc. According to the connection method, it can be divided into loose flange type, fixed flange type and thread type.

According to the characteristics of the rubber expansion joint structure, lubrication can be performed in different ways, in the following cases。

1. Pressure lubrication method—Automatically lubricate the lubricating oil with machinery (such as oil pumps and oil injectors), also called pressure lubrication method. This method is used in large and medium-sized rubber joints with cross heads.

2. Splash Lubrication Method-The oil is splashed on the lubricating rod by the oil rod mounted on the connecting rod to splash and lubricate, so the cylinder and the moving mechanism can only use the same type of lubricant. This method is mostly used in small rubber joints without cross heads. The disadvantage is that the oil is not easy to filter, and the oil level must be strictly controlled.

3. Injection lubrication method—The injected oil mist follows the gas and enters the lubricating place such as the air cylinder, such as ultra-high pressure rubber joints, sliding vane rubber joints and screw rubber joints.

4. Drip lubrication method--Using the oil cup and the oil pipeline, send the lubricant to the parts that should be refueled, or fill the lubricant with an oil pot on time.

5. Oil ring lubrication method--Using a rotating shaft to drive an oil ring that is movably sleeved on the shaft. The oil ring brings the oil in the oil pool into the bearing and enters the circulating lubrication.