What problems should be paid attention to when installing dismantling joints?


Dismantling joints installed at the pump inlet and outlet and in the piping system software, if not equipped with anti-dropout and limit switch equipment (bolts), when the pipeline is operating, the hydrodynamic effect in the pipeline is at the blind end of the pipeline, gate valve, reducer The pressure on pipes such as pipes and bends (that is, the force of the blind plate) makes the dismantling joints stretch, which will promote the pipeline to cause a certain drag deviation. When the pressure at the inlet and outlet of the pump is high, it will cause a large influences.

dismantling joints need to pay attention to the following three problems when installing:

1. Pay attention to the sealing problem. For connector products, the sealing problem has long become a common problem. However, for dismantling joints, the sealing problem cannot be ignored. Because if the sealing is not tight, it will immediately endanger the pipeline. The occurrence of water leakage is not allowed during the whole process of pipe connection. Therefore, when connecting the dismantling joint, we must pay attention to the sealing problem to ensure that no water leakage occurs.

2. Pay attention to the problem of the contraction of dismantling joint. Anyone applies dismantling joints. The key is that they have the amount of expansion. Each dismantling joint has a different amount of expansion. In many cases, the amount of expansion of the dismantling joint when the pipe is connected is different. When installing the dismantling joint, it is more critical to set the expansion amount of the dismantling joint. The size of the dismantling joint will often cause difficulties in the application of the dismantling joint. If the dismantling joint setting is not suitable, it is likely to cause Destruction of the dismantling joint.

3. Dismantling joints will be applied in many different natural environments, such as suspended applications in the air, such as vertical applications. Such applications often have natural environments that will cause the dismantling joints to be destroyed. If the unique natural environment of application is encountered during the installation of the dismantling joint, a unique solution to the dismantling joint is needed to ensure that there is no problem in the installation of the dismantling joint.

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