Pressure balanced expansion joints send to UAE


Curved pipe pressure balance compensator is a pipe connector used to connect pipes under high temperature and high pressure or low temperature and low pressure conditions, and compensate for thermal expansion and contraction or other deformation of the pipe. Its main feature is the curved pipe structure, which can balance the pressure inside and outside the pipe, effectively reduce the pressure and vibration at the joint of the pipe, and enhance the durability and stability of the pipe. It is widely used in chemical, petroleum, metallurgy and other fields.

Pressure balanced expansion joints accommodate axial and lateral movement and counteract bellows pressure thrust. An additional bellows is integrated into the unit and is influenced by the line pressure to create an equal and opposite force to the force on the main bellows. Binding these bellows together counteracts pressure loads on the equipment.

pressure balance expansion joint

Pressure-balanced expansion joints are used in similar situations to axial and/or transverse expansion, although this particular type of expansion joint has the added advantage of not transmitting internal pressure-induced thrust to piping or adjacent equipment. This feature is especially important when connecting piping to turbines or other delicate equipment that cannot inherently withstand these additional loads.

The only load on the equipment is the sum of the forces required to move the expansion joint's line bellows and the balance bellows. This type of joint can be installed between intermediate fixed points so that no major anchoring of