8000mm DN200 ANSI 600# flange Stainless steel braided hose send to Iraq


Metal bellows expansion joint is a kind of flexible pressure-resistant pipe fitting installed in the pipeline transportation system, which is used to compensate the mutual displacement of the connection ends of pipeline mechanical equipment, absorb vibration energy, and play the role of shock absorption and noise reduction. It has the characteristics of good flexibility, light weight, corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, etc.

stainless steel braided hose

The metal braided hose is an elastic element composed of a bellows, an outer metal braid, and a flange connection. Since the metal hose has no compensation, it is mostly used at the inlet and outlet of pumps or equipment. Reduce noise and vibration.

From a functional point of view, the metal hose is mainly used for shock absorption and noise reduction, but does not compensate for the displacement of the pipeline, while the metal corrugated expansion joint can compensate for the axial, lateral and angular displacement of the absorption pipeline, absorb equipment vibration, and reduce equipment vibration The impact on the pipeline, absorbing the influence of earthquake and ground subsidence on the deformation of the pipeline.

The commonly used connection method is flange, and the connection method of thread, groove and welding can also be customized. The material can also be used according to the actual needs of customers. The flange can choose carbon steel or stainless steel, and the corrugated and braided mesh can choose stainless steel 304 or It is made of stainless steel 316 and other materials.

As a professional manufacturer, we, Shunying, need to remind everyone here that in order to make the structure of metal corrugated expansion joints better applied in pipelines, we must provide accurate compensation when selecting expansion joints.

However, there is no compensation requirement for metal hoses, only the exact length needs to be provided, and of course it can also be customized according to your length requirements.