Henan Shunying New Energy Co., Ltd. provided dismantling joint for Denys


Henan Shunying New Energy Co., Ltd. provided dismantling joint for Denys' pipeline construction for 44-inch, 55-km pipeline projects.

The dismantling joints can be expanded and contracted axially within a certain range, and it can also overcome the offset caused by the buttocks of different pipelines in a certain angle, which can greatly facilitate the installation and disassembly of the valve pipeline, and it can be free in the pipeline's allowed expansion telescopic, once it exceeds its large telescopic amount, it will reach the limit to ensure the safe operation of the pipeline. Mainly to ensure the safe operation of the pipeline, it has the following functions: compensate and absorb the axial and thermal deformation of the pipeline; absorb the equipment vibration to reduce the impact of the equipment vibration on the pipeline; and absorb the deformation of the pipeline by the earthquake and ground subsidence.

1. Di dismantling joint provide great convenience for the installation and removal of various water supply and drainage pipes, water towers, pumps, water meters, and valves, and play a good role in adjusting the expansion and contraction of long-distance pipelines due to temperature differences.

2. Before the installation, loosen the pressure plate bolts, pull the dismantling joint to the installation length, and then tighten it diagonally. Do not press it. If it is used overhead, install corresponding fixing brackets at both ends.

3. If other specifications are selected, it can be customized and produced separately.

In the process of cooperation with Denys, we maintain timely communication with our partners and patiently solve all problems during the installation process. Eventually completed the project construction with the Denys team and established long-term friendly cooperation.

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