What factors determine the amount of expansion and contraction of the dismantling joint


Expansion joints can also be called expansion joints in ordinary life. Expansion joints are divided into many types, including steel expansion joints, stainless steel expansion joints, etc. The function of expansion joints is that it can facilitate the installation and removal of pipelines. So as to expand and contract freely within the allowable expansion and contraction of the pipeline. If the maximum expansion and contraction of the expansion joint is exceeded, it will have a limit effect, thereby ensuring the safe operation of the pipeline. So the question is, what factors determine the amount of expansion and contraction of an expansion joint?

  1. The working capacity of each type of expansion joint is different, so of course, the expansion amount is definitely different, so when we purchase expansion joints, we should communicate with the manufacturer based on our own working conditions. The most suitable product for your working conditions.
  2. The material of the expansion joint The material of the expansion joint also has an impact on the amount of expansion. When purchasing things, everyone knows that the quality and the price are proportional. Although it cannot be said that the more expensive the better, the price is for the quality. It still plays a certain role. The working capacity of expansion joints made of different materials is also different.
  3. The design of pipeline construction. The sales of rubber joints should know that our products are made according to customer requirements, and the expansion and contraction amount of the expander is the same. We will design and produce according to customer requirements. If the customer needs a large amount of expansion and contraction, we will work hard when producing the product.