How to work quickly after the virus is over


According to many of our customers, because of the coronavirus, many countries have blocked and people have been quarantined at home, so they cannot work well. The time for lifting the blockade is probably from the end of April to the beginning of May.

So how to better deal with the large amount of work after the virus?

1: Calculate the time from now to the end of virus, arrange your own work schedule, keep paying attention to government policies, and always be prepared.

2: Pay attention to the progress of the previous project or work, and can connect to the previous work at any time.

3: Keep in touch with suppliers, customers, etc. at any time, and after communication, the problems that may arise in the work are solved in advance.

4: Develop more suppliers, buyers, customers, etc. through different channels, communicate in time and screen out valuable resources.

5: Improve your work ability and be able to cope with different situations and environments.