Where is the industry competitiveness of Henan Shunying rubber joints?

Henan rubber joints have always been good in the international joint industry. ……

Henan rubber joints have always been good in the international joint industry. Regardless of the type of product or the performance of the product, Henan Shunying rubber joints have their own unique advantages. As a large-scale Chinese rubber joint manufacturer, Henan Shunying can produce more than 20 kinds of rubber joints, and our company adopts advanced production equipment, which can adjust the structure or material of the product according to the special pipeline installation and operation environment of the user. Therefore, the rubber joint is better adapted to the actual operating environment of the pipeline.

Henan Shunying rubber joints from the performance point of view it is different from the rubber joints of other manufacturers, its pressure bearing performance is very strong, the rubber joints produced by our company can be up to 4.0MPa, and the flanges of the ball are matched. The use of stainless steel 304 material, in order to ensure that Henan Shunying products can meet the needs of the actual operating environment, Henan Shunying combined with years of experience in the production of rubber joints, reasonable allocation of rubber joint production raw materials, and the use of computer numerical control method Control the product's rubber and vulcanization process to a very precise range. Henan Shunying pipe fittings are also in the high level of the industry in terms of telescopic displacement. The rubber joint products of our company adjust the inner curvature of the grinding tools during the production process, so that the axial and lateral displacement of the rubber joints have been improved.

The needs of users are the driving force for our company to continue to forge ahead. Henan Shunying pays attention to the technological innovation of products and the upgrading of products, aiming at improving the mutual compatibility of rubber joint industry and pipeline system. As a professional rubber joint supplier, Henan Shunying products have won unanimous recognition and praise from the majority of international friends. On the next step of development, Henan Shunying will continue to develop on the ground and concentrate on innovation, in order to make Henan Shunying become the international high quality of rubber joints. Work hard.