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Screwed type flexible rubber joints are designed to absorb movements and stress on piping systems, compensate for pipe misalignment, reduce vibration and system noise, protect against start-up forces as well as system surges. Thus, they are also called shock absorbers, pipe compensators, flexible connectors, etc.

Thread union type rubber joint features small volume, small weight, good flexibility, easy installation and maintenance. Angular deflection can be up to 45°.

Pipe tee joints consist of fabric reinforced and matal flange loose joint, used on shock decrease, compensate for displacement. KDF means flanging high pressure rubber joint JGD dual ball rubber joint, JGD-B threaded dual ball joint, which have functioin as high flexiblity, resistance to media and climate, also called rubber joint, shock absorber, pipe shock aborber, but all mean high pressure flexible rubber joint.

JGD-B1 type fan coil rubber joint

JGD-B1 type fan coil rubber joint

  • JGD-B1 type fan coil rubber joint

Flexible joints introduction:

1. This product can greatly reduce pipeline system shock and noise. And can fundamentally resolve pipe joints displacement, axial stretch and non-concentricity.

2. By using different materials, it can be made many kinds to cater for different medium and environment. Such as acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, oil resistance and heat resistance etc.

3. The material is pure rubber, sealing is very good. It is in light weight, very easy for installation . This product has long life performance, but must be not contact with sharp metal instruments to avoid piercing the sphere.

4. The product can be used for lift and transportation of raw water and sewage, transportation of water supply cooling cycle water thermal power ,condensate water of metallurgy industry and chemical industry

Technical Conditions
Working Pressure1.6MPa
Explosion pressure4.8MPa
Applicable Temperaturte℃(-20℃~115℃)
Applicable MediaWater, hotwater, air
Main joint dimension
Nominal diameter(mm)Length(mm)Axial compression(mm)Axial extension(mm)Horizontal displacement(mm)Deflexion angle(α₁+α₂)
Main joint dimension
DN(big)×DN(Small)Length(mm)Axial compression(mm)Axial extension(mm)Horizontal displacement(mm)Deflexion angle(α₁+α₂)