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Rubber expansion joint has the characteristics of good sealing, light weighting, easy to fix and maintain, also has long working expecting, but please keep far away from sharp metal in order to avoid breaking the rubber body.

Equipped with the excellent comprehensive performances of rubber expansion bellows, thread rubber bellows can be used for lift and transportation of raw water and sewarubberge, transportation of water supply, cooling cycle water of thermal power plant, condensate water of metallurgy industry and chemical materials of chemical industries, cooling and dilution of oil and chemical industries and flexible connection of other industries. It is also suitable to transport all grain and powder material and gas for its high abrasive resistance.

Due to its good integral function, flexible rubber joint is used widely in key projects of chemical industry, construction, water supply, drainage, petroleum, light and heavy industry, refrigeration, health, fireproof and power, etc.

JGD-B Type Thread Rubber Expansion Joint

JGD-B Type Thread Rubber Expansion Joint

  • JGD-B Type Thread Rubber Expansion Joint
  • JGD-B Type Thread Rubber Expansion Joint
  • JGD-B Type Thread Rubber Expansion Joint

JGD-B Type Thread Rubber Expansion Joint

Rubber Bellows Joints:

1, Versatile hand-built construction. Made in China

2, Absorbs directional movement

3, Absorbs vibration, noise and shock

4, Compensates for expansion

5, Wide flowing arch design

6, Virtually eliminates sediment buildup

7, Economical fully molded construction

8, High vacuum rating (up to 30" Hg) can be supplied for certain sizes

9, Special grooved flange ring design, prevent rubber end pulling out

10, Solid galvanized steel floating flanges speed the installation time

11, High tensile aircraft cable is embedded in the raised face rubber ends to prevent pull out and avoids the sharp cutting edge of solid steel rings

12, No gaskets required; integrally rubber flanged design, no gaskets required, DIN PN10/16 drilling standard, other flange drilling available, including ANSI 150lb/300 lb, BS, and JIS

Material of all parts
2Inner & Outer RubberNR CR IIR NR FKM EPDM PTFE
3Body CarcassNylon cord fabric
4Reinforcing RingMulti-strand coppering steel wire
5threaded union rubber jointCast and forged carbon steel(Q235), Stainless steel(201, 304, 316, 321), Plastic(CPVC, PVDF, PPH, UPVC, RPP)
Technical Conditions
Working pressure Mpa (kgf/cm2)1.6(16)Angular deflection45°
Explosion pressure Mpa (kgf/cm2)4.8 (48)Vacuum Kpa (mm/Hg)53.3 (400)
Applicable Temperature-15℃-115℃(-30℃-250℃ under special conditions)
Applicable mediawater, sea water, hot water, air, compressed air, oil, acid, alkali and so on
Main date

Nominal Diameter
LengthLmmAxial displacement mmHaorizontal isplacementAngular deflection(a1+a2)°
mminchA TypeB TypeExtensionCompression mm
Notes: 1. For OEM orders with special requirement, threaded rubber expansion bellows should be made according to customers' drawings. Thread standard can be ISO, ASME, BS, JIS, etc. Material of rubber body can be NR natural rubber, EPDM, Neoprene, IIR butyl rubber, NBR Buna-N, FKM, etc.