Is it necessary to further soften the rubber joints of the pump room system?


The rubber ball in the rubber joint is the primary component of the entire rubber joint to reduce vibration and noise, so the importance of the rubber ball is quite high. Some people may ask, like this kind of rubber, it always has to withstand the effects of sensation, squeezing, stretching or distortion. Is it necessary to further soften the rubber? The answer is necessary.

The first thing to know is what is rubber softening? From a professional point of view, many substances are added to non-polar rubber. The molecules of these substances enter the rubber molecular chain, increasing the interval between rubber molecules, reducing the intermolecular force, enhancing the activity of the chain segment, and improving The flexibility of the molecular chain reduces the glass transition temperature and viscosity, which is called rubber softening. Softening substances are called softeners. Most softeners are non-polar substances.

In fact, the purpose of rubber softening is to more effectively reduce vibration and noise. It can also effectively reduce the oscillation when it is large-amplitude oscillation or high-frequency oscillation. If the rubber is too hard, the damping effect will be insignificant, and the sound will not be muffled, and it will oscillate with it, making the damping effect less.