Safety instructions for using rubber soft joints for water pumps

  1. This product can only be used within ±10% of the rated value within the voltage range.
  2. Avoid the electrical level and in the place where the electrical level is installed. When installing the rubber soft joint, do not damage the electrical level and avoid contact with electrical parts such as motor switches.
  3. To prevent sudden start, the switch should be in the "off" state before the power is turned on.
  4. Do not abuse the power cord, and do not extend or exchange the power cord arbitrarily. Do not pull the power cord to scratch, cut or crush.
  5. The rubber soft joint machine is of the flameproof type. When replacing the brush or repairing, pay special attention to the flameproof surface of the flameproof parts so that they cannot damage the hair. When repairing or replacing the brushes, the motor should be turned on to clean the inner cavity of carbon powder and rot.