Swimming pool circulating filter water pump 150Lb rubber shock absorption joint


(Application field) After determining the circulation period, circulation flow rate, circulation mode and circulation pipeline of the swimming pool, a comprehensive calculation was carried out on the selection of the circulating water pump. The parameters of the pump include head, flow, speed, power, power and so on.

There are two types of pumps: positive displacement pumps and impeller pumps. Impeller pumps and centrifugal pumps are widely used in swimming pools. It is recommended to use a variable frequency speed regulating pump. The pump can be operated at different frequencies under different loads in the swimming pool, and achieves energy-saving effects on the premise of ensuring water quality to a certain extent. A flow meter and a turbidity meter are also installed in the system, which can automatically adjust the water output of the pump according to the turbidity signal.

The working principle of the rubber joint is that the rubber joint is a flexible rubber joint used between metal pipelines, which can eliminate the interference of pipeline oscillation and noise, and has multi-functional compensation for the pipeline.

There is no shortage in the pipeline. Strengthen the strength of the rubber joint so that the inner rubber layer is not allowed to contain impurities, blisters and delamination. Secondly, there is no trace of delamination in the reinforcement layer, and no trace of external force damage to the outer rubber layer. The inner ring at both ends of the rubber part should be round, without obvious deformation, cracking and dislocation.