Where are the reducing rubber joints generally used?


Reducing rubber soft joints are also known as reducing shock absorbers, pipeline shock absorbers, shock absorbers, soft connections, stainless steel clamps, and high pressure connectors. It can handle the problem of different specifications when connecting metal material pipelines, and it has the effect of shock absorption and noise reduction, which can save pipeline construction parts and save costs. The flexibility of the different-diameter rubber joints digests and absorbs the vibration of the pipeline, and releases this vibration in the molecular structure chain of its own, especially the vulcanized rubber produced by a variety of plastic materials, its own resonance frequency is changed. In that way, the vulcanized rubber shock absorber throat is harmed within a certain range of pipeline vibration frequency to cause resonance, which greatly increases the fatigue resistance of the rubber soft joint and increases its service life.

   Reducing rubber joints can be commonly used for piping system software such as power supply and drainage pipes, ventilation and air conditioning, fire safety, paper industry, pharmaceutical industry, petrochemical equipment, ships, centrifugal water pumps, refrigeration compressors, and centrifugal fans. It has the characteristics of high compression resistance, good ductility, large offset, equalizing pipeline errors, digesting and absorbing vibration, reducing noise, and convenient installation. Whether it is in daily life or in building construction, it is indispensable for experimental equipment.

   It is forbidden to install beyond the offset limit during installation of the variable diameter rubber soft joint. When the rubber soft joint is installed on a flat ground, suspended in the air, or vertically, the working pressure of the radial offset of the rubber soft joint is lower than the bearing capacity of the pipeline during the specific work. Pull off. The pipeline must have a fixed support point or a fixed fixed bracket. The force of the fixed fixed bracket exceeds the axial force. In vertical installation and empty rack installation, the corresponding support frame and bearing support frame should be installed on both sides of the product to avoid being pulled off due to stress during work.

   When the eccentric size-head reducing rubber soft joint is used at the inlet and outlet of the centrifugal water pump, it should be located near the side of the centrifugal water pump, and the metal material reducing joint should be installed between the centrifugal water pump and the large diameter of the size head. When the pipeline offset is greater than or equal to the large compensation amount of the connector, the total number of connectors should be increased to parallel the offset, strictly. In order to better adjust the deviation of the pipeline, the joint should be at the limit of the deflection. Shift and error conditions, not to mention excessive (retractable, offset, offset, etc.). The key is to achieve the stability of using variable diameter rubber soft joints in various high-pressure piping system software. In specific applications, the structural advantages of the product itself are significant, but it can effectively grasp the stability of the product in the high-pressure piping system software. Sex is especially important.