Processing technology, plastic scouring and production method of eccentric reducing rubber joint

Editor:Henan Shunying New Energy Co.,Ltd.(The picture of rubber joint does not match the title, they are random pictures.)

Editor:Henan Shunying New Energy Co.,Ltd.(The picture of rubber joint does not match the title, they are random pictures.)

Rubber processing technology:

The processing technology of rubber has certain requirements on the plasticity of raw rubber.In order to meet the technical performance, raw rubber must be plasticated.However, most synthetic rubbers control the initial plasticability of raw rubber in the process of synthesis.In addition, natural rubber eccentric reducing rubber joint, hard buccine rubber eccentric reducing rubber joint, isoprene rubber eccentric reducing rubber joint, styrene butadiene rubber eccentric reducing rubber joint, etc.require a proper  plasticizing. Plasticizing can reduce the drillability of rubber and make the compound easy to mix,Plasticizing can improve the rheological property of eccentric reducing rubber joint and reduce the expansion and shrinkage of mouth,the eccentric reducing rubber joint can also improve the solubility and forming drill ability of rubber.

Eccentric reducing rubber joint plasticizing: eccentric reducing rubber joint plasticizing must be moderate, eccentric reducing rubber joint excessive plasticizing will reduce the vulcanized rubber strength, elasticity, abrasion resistance and aging resistance and other properties.The plasticibility of eccentric reducing rubber joint is mainly determined according to the technological properties of the mixing rubber and the performance requirements of the products.Eccentric reducing rubber joint plastic refining is generally carried out on the open rubber mixing machine, but it can also be carried out on the closed rubber mixing machine.According to the practical rubber material formulation of raw rubber and the dosage of various additives for accurate weighing.The mixing process of eccentric reducing rubber joint on rubber mixing machine is called mixing.Eccentric reducing rubber joint mixing is not only a simple mechanical mixing process of raw rubber and coordination agent, but also a physical and chemical process in which each component is infiltrated, dispersed, adsorbed and combined to form colloidal dispersion with complex network structure, which is actually a rubber modification process.

Production method of eccentric reducing rubber joint: the production of eccentric reducing rubber joint is still mainly produced by molding.In order to improve production efficiency and product quality and reduce waste, pre-manufacturing of semi-finished products is necessary.The manufacturing process of the traditional eccentric reducing rubber joint plate vulcanizing semi-finished products is. The qualified eccentric reducing rubber joint compound is pressed into film and formed after full refining.For the products with large quantity or large specifications, the extruder can extrude rubber rope according to the required specifications, cut into a certain length, eccentric reducing rubber joint.In recent years, many domestic manufacturers have adopted precision preforming machines to produce o-rings and other semi-finished products. This not only improves the production efficiency, but also guarantees the volume and weight accuracy of semi-finished products, and improves the production technology of rubber products.

In the whole process of rubber processing, the quality of mixing rubber has a decisive influence on the further processing of rubber and the performance of the final product.If the mixing is not good, the compound will appear uneven dispersion, plastic fluctuation, even burning, spray frost phenomenon, resulting in vulcanized rubber and product performance decline. Eccentric reducing rubber joint mixing can be carried out on the mill or mixer.For small size, less batch, frequent variety of rubber material, use mixing mill. In addition, the mixing machine is especially suitable for some special rubber, such as gelatin sponge, hard plastic eyes and butyl rubber, atmosphere of the adhesive, such as the preparation of rubber mixer mixing operation safety of a large mouth, dust phenomenon is obviously improved, eccentric reducing rubber joint mechanization of mixing process, reduces the labor intensity, mixing time, improve production efficiency. The compound mixed by eccentric reducing rubber joint of the mixer must be stored for 4-8h before it is processed on the smelting machine with accelerant and vulcanizing agent.