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What kind of rubber expansion joint is used for pipeline negative pressure?

Sep. 19, 2019

Frequently, customers mentioned in the process of purchasing rubber expansion joints that the rubber expansion joints used before were of poor quality, the rubber was too soft, and the pump would be sucked flat. I wanted to buy some good quality and hard rubber joints. Later, the customer communicated with the customer carefully to gain trust, and told the customer that the rubber soft joint was sucked up mainly because the inside of the pipe was in a vacuum state, that is, we have a negative pressure inside the pipe. According to this situation, our Henan Shunying technicians have developed a new type of negative pressure rubber soft joint, which mainly solves the problem of pipeline negative pressure.The rubber soft joint produced by Henan Shunying New Energy Co., Ltd. is mainly capable of withstanding the internal pressure of the pipeline. It can withstand a little negative pressure, but it bears a small negative pressure, such as a DN300mm rubber soft joint at 1.6Mpa. In the pressure class, the vacuum can withstand only 86kpa, but in the actual working environment, the negative pressure of the rubber soft joint is far greater than this value, which causes the rubber soft joint to be sucked flat, which is generally sucked. Flat rubber soft joints occur mostly at the water inlet of the pump. The negative pressure rubber soft joint produced by Henan Shunying is equipped with a negative pressure-resistant device inside, and the negative pressure-resistant device can ensure that the rubber soft joint will not be sucked, so that it does not affect the original shock absorption of the rubber soft joint. The noise reduction effect does not affect the expansion and contraction effect of the rubber soft joint, and is an ideal negative pressure rubber soft joint.                  

The negative pressure rubber expansion joint is a new product independently developed by Henan Shunying New Energy Co., Ltd. It is mainly used in the water pump inlet and outlet and vacuum pipeline as well as the tailings pipeline. The negative pressure rubber soft joint is structurally and normally subjected to positive pressure. The rubber expansion joint products have great differences. Compared with the rubber joint products that are generally subjected to positive pressure, there are more negative pressure-proof devices to ensure that the negative pressure rubber soft joints will not absorb when subjected to negative pressure.Therefore, when selecting rubber soft joints, it is necessary to implement the negative pressure (ie vacuum) of the pipeline. If there is negative pressure (ie vacuum), it is necessary to use a negative pressure rubber soft joint to avoid soft rubber. The joint is sucked and leaked.