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How to choose the flange for the rubber joint?

Mar. 18, 2019

As we all know, the rubber joints are made of rubber spheres and two flanges. If only the rubber spheres have no flanges, it is useless. The flanges are used to install and connect the pump valves in the rubber joints. Cast steel flanges and forged flanges are two common flanges, so how do we choose the flanges of rubber joints? Let Rubber Joint Supplier briefly explain for you:

First of all, before selecting the flange, we should first determine its size, the working pressure and the number of screw holes, and then see if his processing surface is smooth, whether there is sand hole, whether the flange hole is rough, and whether the surface is beautiful.

The difference between a forged flange and a Cast Steel Flange is the difference in the manufacturing process of the flange. The cost of the forged flange is higher than the cost of the cast flange. He is basically forged in the cast steel flange. Forming. Therefore, the forged flange has no blisters and pores, and the forged flange has corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and its service life and texture performance are better than cast steel flanges. The cast steel flange is a cast flange. The shape of the blank is correct, the processing volume is small, and the cost is low, but there are defects in casting; for example, there are pores, cracks, and the like. The advantage of the cast steel flange is that it can produce a more complicated shape and the cost is relatively low. The advantage of the forged flange is that the internal structure is uniform, and there are no harmful defects such as pores and inclusions in the casting. The post-cast steel flange and the forged flange are expensive compared to the cast steel flange due to the difference in the manufacturing process.

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