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How to test the pressure of steel transmission joint?

Apr. 28, 2019

Steel transmission joint is a kind of telescopic products, mainly using Q235 carbon steel, stainless steel, cast steel, ductile iron and other materials, different USES choose different materials and models. This product mainly types have VSSJAFC detachable double flange loose set of dowel joint, VSSJAF double flange loose set of dowel joint, VSSJAFG single flange loose set of dowel joint and several and the naming rules is mainly used in GB/T12465-2002 standard, has been used in the new product standard CF force the force transmission expansion joint, expansion joint and C2F CC2F force expansion joint and so on several kinds of naming rules to replace, but neither use which kinds of naming rules referred to in the product is basically the same.

Steel power transmission joint is a kind of commonly used fittings for various pressure pipelines. Its own power transmission screw is used to compensate the pipeline and to protect the normal operation of the pipeline. Generally, after the production and assembly of such pipe fittings, a pressure test shall be conducted before delivery to ensure the normal use of pipe fittings.

VSSJAFG (CF) Single Flange Power Delivery Joint

Before the test, a set of electric pressure testing pumps are required to adjust the pressure, and the range is 0-100mpa. The high-pressure hose is used to connect the pump and the force transfer joint, and the high-pressure hose is used to connect the force transfer joint to avoid the existence of gaps. After confirming the correct connection, the pressure test can be carried out. Open the electric pressure test pump, the test process should avoid the connection of water leakage, water. The test pressure is generally greater than the working pressure after installation, about 1.25 times, the failure strength of the pressure is generally 1.5 times, the test target for 5 minutes of internal no leakage. The 25kg power transmission connector produced by henan shunying has no problem with the customer's on-site pressure test.