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What material of rubber and flange is the best choice for seawater resistant rubber joint?

Jul. 25, 2019

What material of rubber and flange is the best choice for seawater resistant rubber joint? Shared by high pressure resistant Rubber Joint supplier.

Henan shunying new energy co., LTD. Seawater resistant rubber joints choose stainless steel flange epdm material rubber joints. We choose the seawater resistant rubber joint, which must have good seawater adaptability, can play a good role in resisting the various corrosive factors in seawater, to ensure the safe and stable operation of the pipeline in seawater. Because seawater is a very complex multicomponent solution. All kinds of elements in seawater exist in certain physical and chemical forms. The presence of copper in seawater is complex, mostly in the form of organic complexes.

Seawater general using chloroprene rubber, epdm Flexible rubber joint, the material of rubber joint has good weak acid and weak base resistance, and good flexural resistance and permeability, which provide the congenital advantage, in order to adapt to the Marine environment and the rubber joint of the mating flange generally USES the stainless steel material, so that it can provide sufficient tension and corrosion resistance.

Rubber Joint

Chloroprene rubber is the aristocracy of ordinary rubber. It has excellent bonding and sealing properties, oil resistance, heat resistance, fire resistance, sunlight resistance, ozone resistance, acid and alkali resistance, chemical resistance, aging resistance, excellent tensile resistance, and elongation of more than 600%. Disadvantages are poor cold resistance and storage.

And epdm joint physical strength is higher, can withstand greater pressure. These two kinds of rubber joint appearance is black neoprene is black (my contact), most of the neoprene is white or ivory or part, epdm joint is a hard, good epdm joint when you make him hard after deformation, removing external force he will restore the original shape. And neoprene joint texture is soft, feels like the feeling of childhood play dough, main is very soft.

EPDM: it has good weather resistance, ozone resistance, water resistance and chemical resistance. Can be used in alcohols and ketones, but also can be used for high temperature steam environment in the seal. Suitable for bathroom equipment, car radiator and car brake system. It is not recommended for edible use or exposure to mineral oils. General use temperature range: -55~110℃.

Neoprene joint (CR) : sun - resistant, weather - resistant performance is particularly good. Is not afraid of dichlorodifluoromethane and ammonia refrigerant, dilute acid resistance, resistance to silicone grease lubricating oil, but in aniline point low mineral oil expansion. Easy to crystallize and harden at low temperature. Suitable for all kinds of contact atmosphere, sunlight, ozone environment and all kinds of fire resistance, chemical corrosion resistance seal link. It is not recommended for use in strong acids, nitrohydrocarbons, esters, chloroforms and ketones.