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How to remove the rust of rubber soft joint flange?

Jun. 29, 2019

How to remove the rust of rubber soft joint flange?

As we all know, in the rubber joint, single ball rubber joint or double ball rubber joint used for a long time, both ends of the flange will appear rusty.

The material of rubber joint flange at both ends is generally divided into carbon steel flange, forging flange and stainless steel flange. Stainless steel flange with its advantages of not easy to rust, do not need to do any processing, can be used directly, and in anticorrosive pipe use more widely, long service life. Carbon steel flange and forging flange because of its iron role, easy to rust, in the process of use will reduce their service life. At this time, we will take corresponding measures to prevent rust. Generally we will use hot dip galvanized and spray two forms to deal with flange rust.

Hot galvanizing flange on hot dip galvanized flange rubber joint, flange material for cast steel, is what we call the forging flange, the flange of the manufacturing process make the flange surface blowhole, no flange surface level off, suitable for hot galvanizing processing on the surface, namely, hot-dip zinc, achieve anticorrosive effect, hot dip galvanized flange rubber joint service life is long, the quality is reliable. Carbon steel flange rubber joint consists of cast steel flange and the rubber ball, if carbon steel flanges using galvanized anti-rust treatment, that would teach him the disadvantage of carbon steel flange, due to the carbon steel flanges manufactured casting process, a phenomenon of porosity, so carbon steel galvanized flange appearance have porosity, although after processing, but affect the appearance. Under general circumstances, cast steel flange is used to spray plastic corrosion treatment, so that the air holes produced by the casting process covered by plastic powder, will make up for the shortcomings of the carbon steel flange, from the appearance of almost no air holes. In this way, cast steel spray flange rubber joint appearance is better. After the treatment of the flange air hole of the galvanized flange rubber joint of cast steel, a light orange substance can be seen, which is generally stored in the hole. Although it affects the appearance, it does not affect the use.

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