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What Are The Properties Of Limit Rubber Joints?

Apr. 02, 2019

Rubber Joint is an indispensable key part in pump valve industry. Its quality and function directly affect the operation efficiency and stability of the whole pump valve supply chain. The popularization rate of rubber joint products is of great significance to promote the healthy development of China's national economy. 2019 has arrived, and the year of renewal is about to begin. In the New Year, the rubber joint industry gradually recovered from the financial crisis has been endowed with new vitality. Recently, Mr. Jin wei, executive deputy director of rubber joint committee of China pump & valve industry and procurement federation, accepted the exclusive interview of pump & valve search, and talked freely about the core topic of industry development. Limit rubber joint is also called anti-pull-out rubber joint, rubber soft joint, rubber soft joint, rubber expansion joint, rubber expansion joint, rubber compensator, rubber expansion joint. This product supplied from Rubber Joint Manufacturer is a very practical pipe fittings, it has been widely used in hvac engineering pipe water system, fire and spray water system, water supply and drainage sewage treatment system, plays a role in protecting the safe operation of pipes. Flexible rubber joints in the installation of use, the pipeline inside the instantaneous pressure is very large. It is easy to pull the rubber joint ball out from the inside of the buckle flange. At this time, it is necessary to reinforce the rubber joint products and install the anti-pull limit device. This can ensure the safe operation of the pipeline. So that the pipeline in a safe amount of expansion and contraction, free compression. The limit rubber joint can limit the displacement when it is used in the general pipe connection or in the pipeline line with displacement requirement. When the rubber joint is connected with the pump and valve, the limit device can be used on the rubber joint to play the role of force transmission. It is an ideal substitute product for the steel power transmission joint. Limit rubber joint in high-rise water use, the pipeline must be fixed support or fixed bracket, otherwise the product should be installed anti-tripping device. The force of the fixed support or bracket must be greater than the axial force, or the anti-pulling device should be installed.

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