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Industry Knowledge About Rubber Joints

Mar. 27, 2019

Industry knowledge one

The Rubber Joint is a bridge that connects various pipes and can compensate for the thermal expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes. The rubber joint consists of inner and outer rubber, ply and traveler to form a tubular rubber piece, which is vulcanized and then combined with a metal flange or a parallel joint. A product with high internal density and high pressure and good elastic deformation.

Rubber joints are also known as shock absorbers, Flexible Rubber Joint , rubber soft joints, and shock absorbers. The JGD type flexible rubber joint is a flexible joint of metal pipe, which is composed of an inner rubber layer, a nylon cord fabric, a rubber ball composited with an outer rubber layer and a loose metal flange. The flexible rubber joint has the characteristics of high pressure resistance, good elasticity, large displacement, balanced pipe deviation, absorption of vibration, low noise reduction and convenient installation.

Industry knowledge two

Rubber joints are widely used in water supply and drainage, circulating water, HVAC, fire, paper, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, marine, water pump, compressor, fan and other piping systems.

The rubber soft joint is generally used in the joint between the water pump and the water pipe. It mainly acts as a shock absorber because the water pump will vibrate greatly when it is running, and the water pipe is directly connected to the water pump, in order to avoid such vibration on the pipeline. Damage, so add a rubber soft joint to protect the fire rubber joints, which is much higher than the general rubber soft joints. It is used for fire protection, connecting fire-fighting equipment, equipment, and conveying fire-fighting water. , pipe material for gas or other media.

Flexible Rubber Joint