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How To Solve The Leakage Of Rubber Joints?

Mar. 07, 2019

In this world where quality is everything, the quality of Rubber Joint is equally important. The first is the requirements for rubber joints: the strength of the rubber joint should be strengthened, so that the inner rubber layer is not allowed to have impurities, foaming and delamination. Secondly, there is no delamination mark in the reinforcing layer, and there is no external damage mark on the outer rubber layer. The inner traveler should be rounded without obvious deformation and breakage. Then it is required to make the Flexible Rubber Joint product: it is not restricted by the parallel and central of the pipeline, can adapt to its various displacements, is flexible and simple to install, and can eliminate the installation stress and deformation stress of the pipeline, and can not be replaced by metal joints. Unique performance. From the structural design, the problem that the old product reflected by the user is easy to pull off and leak in use is solved.

In addition, when installing the flange rubber joint, the reinforcing ring at both ends of the ball should be fully inserted into the flange groove to prevent the ball and the flange from being pulled off when the pipe is under pressure. When bolting, first tighten the symmetrical bolts to ensure that the ball is fully seated in the flange. When the rubber joint is connected to the pipe flange, the bolt screw should extend to one end of the pipe flange to prevent the thread from crushing or stabbing the arched portion of the rubber joint when the pressure is expanded. The bolt at each end must be symmetrically tightened and tightened. To make all the bolts tightly aligned. In places where the conditions of use are poor, in addition to adding a flat pad, a spring washer should be added to prevent the nut from loosening. Finally, when the rubber joint is used at a close distance or frequent opening and closing of the pump outlet, in order to reduce the influence of the stretching and compression of the rubber joint length on the pump and the pipeline, the limit device should be added at both ends of the flange. 

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