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What Should You Watch Out For When Installing Rubber Joints?

Feb. 23, 2019

1. When installing the Flexible Rubber Joint in the pipeline, it must be in a natural state, and do not artificially deform the product. When the pipeline medium is resistant to acid and alkali, oil, high temperature and other special materials, a joint higher than the working pressure of the pipeline should be used.

2. The flange connecting the Rubber Joints should be the valve flange.

3, the flexible rubber joints are suitable for normal water temperature 0-60 ° C, special media such as: oil, acid and alkali, high temperature and other corrosive and hard texture, should choose the corresponding special resistance materials Rubber joints, not blindly used or universal.

4. The flexible rubber joint can be used on the water spring inlet and outlet. The metal reducer joint should be installed between the water spring and the water spring, and installed at the large diameter outlet of the variable diameter.

5. When the displacement of the pipeline is greater than or equal to the compensation amount of the joint, the number of joints should be increased to parallel displacement. It is strictly forbidden to adjust the deviation of the pipeline so that the joint is in the limit of deflection displacement and deviation state, and it should not exceed the limit.

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