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Rubber Joints In Industrial Applications

Feb. 15, 2019

Application of Rubber Joints  in hydraulic oil cooling system

The rubber joint solves the problem that the hydraulic system is too high and the sound is too loud during the working process of the hydraulic system. The cooling system device plays a very important role. The hydraulic oil is actually the working medium used in the hydraulic system, as the hydraulic system. Blood, which plays an important role in energy transfer, system lubrication, corrosion protection, rust prevention, and cooling. The medium of the rubber joint in the hydraulic oil cooling system is hydraulic oil, so the oil resistant rubber joint is the best choice for the hydraulic oil cooling system.

Application of High Pressure Resistant Rubber Joint in agricultural irrigation systems

Agricultural irrigation systems require pumps, solenoid valves, pipe networks, rubber joints and other equipment. The function of the solenoid valve is to control the sprinkler irrigation. The role of the rubber joint is to absorb vibration and reduce noise. The pipe network is the pipe that delivers water to the irrigation system.

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