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Notes for installation of large diameter flexible rubber joint

Apr. 23, 2019

Rubber Joint Manufacturer shares that flexible rubber joint pipe construction installation, it must be in a natural state, do not artificially in the installation of the product to produce artificial deformation. This can avoid early damage to the product and reduce the effect of use.

If you design and install the product near the outlet of the water pump or at the corner of the pipeline, and when the product is used in high pressure and high-rise buildings are suspended, the pipeline must have fixed support or fixed bracket, and the force of fixed support and fixed bracket must be greater than the axial force, otherwise the product should be installed with anti-pull limit device.

When the flange rubber joint is installed, the reinforcing ring at both ends of the ball (the wire rope in the protruding part) should be completely stuck into the flange groove to prevent the ball from pulling away from the flange when the pipe is under pressure. When bolting, tighten the symmetrical bolts (six or four) to ensure that the ball is in place on the flange.

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