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How Does The Rubber Joint Play A Shock Absorption Effect?

Feb. 11, 2019

In real life, vibration is everywhere, and the phenomenon of vibration is indispensable and cannot be ignored. People have been working on the generation, control and elimination of vibration. The core of shock absorption technology is to eliminate disturbing vibrations or find solutions.

The damping of all Flexible Rubber Joint is achieved by the damping characteristics of rubber.

The same is true for Rubber Joints . Rubber is an ideal damping material. Damping and damping technology utilizes the unique viscoelasticity of rubber. During the vibration process, it causes intense internal friction under the action of external force, which produces a reaction force and converts kinetic energy into heat energy. Energy conversion to achieve the purpose of reducing the amplitude.

Damping is to reduce the amplitude of the vibrating object at any time. The larger the damping, the smaller the resonance amplitude. With proper damping, it helps the system to cross the resonance region and attenuate high frequency motion and noise. Generally speaking, the damping ratio should be Control the size of the rubber compound damping ratio in the range of O.05-0.15. The hardness meter control of the compound can be adjusted by formula design. As the rubber hardness increases, the damping ratio increases.

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